maria-ppMaria Paiva born in Cascais, Portugal, decided at age 12 that design and architectural was her calling in life…

Graduating from Lisbon Architectural University in 1998, she has been an active member of the Portuguese Association of Architects and has crafted a substantial career in South of Portugal working with key figures in the Portuguese design fraternity including Visual Arts working on apartment buildings, private residential projects, villa developments, commercial spaces with JPS Architects since 2000 and with the award winning architect Hans J. Schirmacher in 2005 for an Eco project consisting of 22 private Town Houses for a resort situated on the south cost of Portugal.

In her own words she has become a “profesional re-born Bali”, where she has had the possibilities to experience working with an amazing range of materials and designs for modern tropical projects in the South East Asia.

Her style flows and changes with every new request, where her strength is to understand the wishes and demands of every client’s different life styles.

“I’m interested in behavior structures, artisan techniques, certain aspects of memories… different times of my life. Every project needs a very long dialogue with the client. with this approach, the company continues to satisfy clients and produce the most ‘livable’ and functional buildings.” Maria believes that the creation of architecture is a ‘sacred’ art, which requires a wise commitment between her and the customer.

To ensure that the path created in not only a happy one, but also sustainable and practical in which to live everyone needs to have a different idea of space and¬†functionality; Maria’s job is to attain this with comfort, style, taking into account personal choices, materials, the time frame and budget for each individual’s needs.

Future vision:

Sustainability and Eco-friendly construction is a concern in today’s living, “not only does the building have to last for decades to come but it has to be self sufficient as the natural resources on this earth continue to rapidly deplete…”